Working with Our New SEO Firm Was Really Easy

The good thing about the Internet is that you pretty much have the whole world as potential customers. The bad thing about the Internet is that you have the whole world as competition too. It is not like competing in a small town where Store A is competing against Store B the next town over. You are competing against the industry giants as well as the mom and pop stores when you do business online. This is what makes SEO so critical. We have been using Algorhythm SEO to help make the best of our marketing dollars. We do want to grab as much market share from the searches being done for the keywords for the niche industry that we serve. A particular type of SEO based on our known customer habits was very helpful.

The nice thing about our niche business is that it has its own vernacular or jargon. This made keyword and key phrase targeting in marketing a lot easier for us than what you might experience with a more generalized business. However, we really wanted to be in the top three slots of the search results. In my personal experience, being in the top three just below the paid ad results works out best for click through business for us. It was nice to have a company that took the time to get to know us as well as listening to what has really worked for us in the past. I like it when a new SEO company can look at what we have been doing and recommend what is wise to change or even keep the same.

We had tried a couple of other marketing firms that wanted to change everything, but there was no guarantee of results. Well, these are our advertising dollars, and we wanted to work with a company who was interested in real results rather than just satisfying egos. It was nice to have an SEO company take a close look at who we are as a business and what type of demographic we had and were after as customers.