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Top Roofing Issues That Need a Professional Roofer While many of the aspects of home improvement and maintenance get the attention they deserve, there are a few that don’t. It’s no secret that one of those that don’t get the love is the roof. Perhaps the main reason why it does not get enough attention is because it’s way up there and whenever there are little issues, they can’t easily be seen since homeowners don’t really go up there to check. But when leaks suddenly appears, that’s high time you ultimately decide there in fact is a problem up there. And when you fail to respond, there’s a good chance that a major roof problem could lead to far worse issues like major structural problems. The best way to prevent the likelihood of further damage to your property and to avoid replacing your roof early, it is recommended that small repairs be done with quick and maintenance must be done every year. But then again, you also must realize that some roofing problems and their corresponding fixes cannot be done on your own. If this is the case, you have no other choice but to hire a roofing contractor. Now here’s a short list of the major roof issues that can only be handled by experts:
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1 – Broken or Split Shingles
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The thing with roofing shingles is that no matter how expensive and high quality they are, nature will always win and eventually you’d be seeing some of them getting broken. This might be because of either a massive hailstorm or strong winds. Unfortunately, this is one of those fixes you can’t really do on your own. 2 – Water Ponding on the Roof The moment you see there’s ponding water on the roof, the only solution left is to call the roofing contractor to fix it since ignoring the same will certainly lead to major damage to the structure and eventually will result to leaks. And when this problem happens in the middle of the rainy months, the need to fix it becomes a lot more pressing. 3 – Shrinking Membranes While the shingles and tiles are the roofing components we get to see every time we go up there to check on the structure, there actually are roofing membranes situated underneath them. The primary job of a roofing membrane is to prevent water from making a penetration down to the living space below. But once these membranes begin to shrink, they need to be replaced immediately. And just like the previous roofing problems we talked about, this one is something that only a roofing professional can do. Once any of those roofing issues happen, it makes no sense at all if you play hero and try to do the repairs on your own. Yes, it may be true that some roofing issues you can handle on your own, but it has to be limited on the minor problems, not the ones mentioned above. By hiring the pros, you’d be able to get the guarantee of having the problem solved with very little risk of failure.